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We are renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Scientific Process Instruments & Equipments such as orifice plate assembly flow elements and rotameter & flow / level switches. Offered equipments are highly demanded in various industries to control and measure the flow of liquid in a pipe or tube. These equipments are manufactured as per set industry standards by ingenious professionals using top-notch quality components. Moreover, these Scientific Process Instruments & Equipments can be availed from us at rock bottom rates.

Key Points:
  • Rugged design
  • Longer life
  • Optimum performance
  • Trouble free functioning

Vesicular Trim Indicators

Price: 2000.00 - 15000.00 INR

Fluidyne Inclinometers or clinometers and also called vesicular trim level indicators or pitch and roll indicator, slope gauge or gradient meter or even level gauge and as an instrument for measuring angles, slopes, tilt or roll in ships and aircrafts and also used for finding elevation or depression of an object with respect to gravity and earths plane. The most important application is in marine ships, submarines and aircrafts. These are mechanical instruments designed for very rugged applications. The instrument measures tilt as dynamic measurement.



Price: 2000.00 - 15000.00 INR

Fluidyne marine pendulum inclinometer or pendulum clinometers are instruments used for positioning ships or submarines on proper trim. The correct heel angle can be determined for appropriate location of cargo and equipment. Fluidyne inclinometers are required to be installed one each in Beam Axis and Keel Axis to determine the accurate adjustments of the trim angle of the ship or submarine. Illumination can also be provided for the scale and pendulum.

Product Image (By Pass Rotameter)

By Pass Rotameter

Price: 11000.00 - 20000.00 INR

By-pass rotameters are suitable for economical measurement of flow in larger pipelines generally 2" NB to 14" NB. By-pass rotameters construction is simple and reliable consisting of orifice plate with carrier ring and a shunt rotameter. The flow rate through the rotameter is proportional to the pressure drop across the orifice plate created by the main flow and is calibrated accordingly. During installation care should be taken to ensure laminar flow in the pipe section. Orifice plate dimensions are based on ISA/ ISO/BS standards.

Product Image (Sight Flow Glass Indicators)

Sight Flow Glass Indicators

Price: 2500.00 - 7500.00 INR

Fluidyne Sight Glass or Sight Flow Indicators are available in Flanged, Screwed, Socket Weld, Butt Weld and Pad types. Fluidyne Sight Glasses or Sight Flow Indicators are of Double Window or Single Window and Full View types. Fluidyne Sight Glass or Sight Flow Indicators are also available in Angular, Rotating Wheel, Flapper, Ball and Dip Tube design. Materials used are Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Bronze, P.V.C, P.P, Rubber Lined, Teflon Lined, Lead Lined or FRP Lined. Fluidyne Sight Glass or Sight Flow Indicators have plain or Reflex glass of Toughened Borosilicate, Molded Pyrex in Rectangular, Round, Cylindrical. Peephole types of glasses. Micais used for high temperature service. Fluidyne Sight Glass or Sight Flow Indicators are also made in Pad mounted-Round/Rectangular shapes

Product Image (Purge Rotameters)

Purge Rotameters

Price: 11000.00 - 20000.00 INR
  • Color:White and Black
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Product Type:Rotameter
  • Usage:Laboratory
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Delivery Time:3-4 Days
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Month
Product Image (Venturi Flow Elements)

Venturi Flow Elements Tubes

Price: 10000 INR

Fluidyne Venturi Flow Element tubes are differential pressure elements used to measure flow of gases, steam and liquids. Fluidyne Venturi Flow Element tubes are used for low pressure losses at high flow rates. Fluidyne Venturi Flow Element tubes consist of a cylindrical inlet, convergent inlet cone, a cylindrical throat and divergent outlet cone. Fluidyne Venturi Flow Element tubes are offered with flanged ends or butt weld ends. Designs as per ISO 5167 is offered

Product Image (Thermocouples, Thermowells & RTD)

Thermocouples, Thermowells & RTD

Price: 560.00 - 2850.00 INR

Fluidyne-Sensitron Thermocouples and wells are designed for making available to the industry a complete range of thermocouples for measuring temperatures from 150C to 1600C and, are highly accurate and sensitive. These thermocouples are offered with a very wide range of thermo wells of different materials to suit the application. Basically, a thermocouple is composed of two dissimilar metal wires butt welded together in a circuit. The circuit develops a small EMF, in accordance with See back effect, between the measuring and reference junctions. This EMF can be measured by means of any pyrometer in terms of temperature.Fluidyne- Sensitron Thermocouples are fabricated by gas or arc welding or resistance welding in accordance with ISA recommendations.

Product Image (Full View Rotameter)

Full View Rotameter

Price: 5400.00 - 9000.00 INR

Fluidyne Glass Tube Rotameters-for General Industrial Service These glass tube full view variable area rotameters are designed to provide visual indication of flow of wide range of transparent to semi-transparent liquids and gases. Fluidyne glass tube full view variable area rotameters are of robust construction with dowelled side plates, interchangeable glass metering tubes and floats and wide-view windows at front and rear. Fluidyne glass tube full view variable area rotameters Flow range can be readily changed by detachable scales

Product Image (Metal Tube Magnetic)

Metal Tube Magnetic Rotameter

Price: 8000.00 - 15000.00 INR

Armoured metal tube rotameters are recommended for liquids or gases where process or operating conditions make all-metal construction desirable. This type of rotameter is also useful for metering opaque fluids. The meter is manufactured in various materials of construction and with 150,300 or 600 # flange connections. In our model RMC - 100 and extension with magnetic lenier indicating scale is bolted to the meter to indicate the float position. In another modification model RMC - 200 a dial type of indicator is provided.

Product Image (FLOW SWITCHES)

Flow Switches

Price: 1400.00 - 2800.00 INR

FLUIDYNEswitch also senses flow - no flow, responding only to the velocity of fluid movement in a duct.They provide a positive signal to detect change or loss of flow velocity caused by closed damper, a loose fan wheel, a slipped or broken fan belt, a dirty or clogged filter or even an overload to fan motor. Large paddle are used for reliable velocity switching

Product Image (LEVEL SWITCHES)

Level Switches

Price: 2500.00 - 7000.00 INR

MAGTROL Level switches are suitable for filling into tanks and pressure vessels for indicating and or controlling the level under atmospheric, vacuum and pressure conditions. Magnetic switches are snap action and glandless and eliminates any chance of leakage. These are suitable for temperatures upto 400 degrees centigrade and pressure upto 40 kg per cm2 Switch is magnetically operated and is of micro, Mercury or air valve type. Material of construction is of S.S. 304, S.S. 316 or bronze. Switch housing is of cast aluminum or stainless steel flame proof / whether proof

Product Image (Fluidyne Flame Senso)

Flame Sensors (UV, FR & PR types)

Price: 5500.00 - 7500.00 INR

Fluidyne manufactures and supplies all type of UV,FR and PR flame sensors. Fluidyne 'UV SENSOR' for oil and gas Flames Sensor flame or fire in the vicinity and sends signal to UV Flame Amplifiers. These sensors are suitable for detecting flame in chemical, petrochemical, power and pharmachemical industries and also suitable for residential or commercial establishments. Fluidyne manufactures all types of ultra violet flame sensors for oil and gas flames; Photo Resister Flame Sensors is suitable for oil flames. Fluidyne manufactures special sensors for other crictical applications. Quartz Glass protection Sheild is also supplied for these UV, PR, FR Flame Sensors

Product Image (flame amplifiers and flame controller)

Flame Amplifier and Flame Controller

Price: 3000.00 - 20000.00 INR

Fluidyne Flame Amplifiers, Controllers, and Relay Model FFA-100 is a stand alone unit of ABS plastic molded body with two potential free relay contacts rated for 5A, 240V AC that can be used for alarm indication or safely-interlock purpose. The Fluidyne Flame Controller Amplifier Relay has an in- built switch-off time delay of 2 second in case of transient flame.

Product Image (Orifice Plate Assemb)

Orifice Plate Assembly & Flow Elements

Price: 7000.00 - 11000.00 INR

SPECIFICATIONS 1. FLANGE : CS, SS, A-105, CL I, CL II, A I82, IS 2002. 2. FLANGE RATING : 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500# 3. ORIFICE PLATE : SS 304, SS 316, MONEL, etc. 4. ORIFICE TYPE : a) Sharp edge-straight. b) Bevel edge. c) Concentric. d) Eccentric. e) Segmental. 5. DRAIN & VENT HOLES : Provided on request 6. FLANGE TAPS : Two taps at 180 degree BSP/NPT/BSPT (F) 2 Nos. per flange at 15/16 from raised face. Drill size: -for under 2 3/8 -for 3 & 3 -for 4 & over. 7. JACK SCREWS : Two dog-point bolts on one flange at 180 degrees to facilitate removal of plate. 8. GASKETS : CAF, PTFE, Spiral-wound, Ring Joint etc.

Product Image (07)


Price: 2000.00 - 6500.00 INR

We have pleasure in introducing our superior variable area flow meters and rotameters and industrial rotameters with special types offered for general industrial service and instrumentation requirements. Glass tube rotameters are offered where general flow measurements are within the limitations imposed by pressure rating of the glass metering tubes. For higher pressure ratings we offer metal metering rotameter tubes. Rotameters and industrial rotameters manufactured are of panel mounted types as well as pipe line mounted types. The pipeline mounted instruments are constructed to withstand pipeline installation stress, strain and vibrations. The unique gland arrangement ensures zero leakage and long life to the metering tube. Following types of Rotameters are manufactured by us:- 1. Purge Rotameters (Low Flow Meters) 2. Standard Full View Rotameters 3. Acrylic Rotameters 4. PVC Rotameters for Water 5. By-Pass Rotameters 6. Magnetic Metal Tube Rotameters


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