Flame Arrestors

We are a one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial class Flame Arrestors that are designed and developed by our team of skilled professionals using heavy duty engineering grade materials that make them capable to withstand extreme working conditions. Also known as deflagration arrester these safety devices allow the flow but help in the prevention of flame transmission fuel combustion. These heavy duty Flame Arrestors are available in many different shapes and sizes as per the flow systems in which they are going to be installed. Customers can get these safety units from us at a reasonable price range.  

Product Image (flame-arrestor)

Flame Arrestor

Price: 2000.00 - 15000.00 INR

The main benefits of the Fuidyne Atmos Detonation Flame Arrestor, Flame Arrestors, Detonation Arrestors, Flame Detonation Arrestors are derived from its unique element design. The large channel openings provide excellent pressure drop to flow and enhanced flow characteristics often resulting in reducing overall size and cost of both Flame arrestor and piping. In addition to this the less restrictive nature of the larger channel openings result in less clogging and easier cleaning - both important maintenance considerations. Finally the element enables higher operating pressures to be achieved. The Fluidyne Atmos Flame Arrestor after extensive research has been certified and type tested by FCRI, B.V., CCOE and other government agencies, and has also received the most stringent approval for Flame Arrestors, incorporating extended burn time performance, and have acceptance with B.P.C.L, I.O.C.L, H.P.C.L, L&T, R.E.L, R.I.L & B.H.E.L., and many other chemical, pharmaceutical , power industries and petrochemical industries.

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Flame Arrestor Elements

Price: 3000.00 - 5000.00 INR

Fluidyne Flame Arrestor Elements are used where such elements they can be installed in existing pipelines or vent lines between pair of existing flanges.

Product Image (Sintered Mesh Type Flame and Spark Arrestor)

Sintered Mesh Type Flame and Spark Arrestor

Price: 3000 INR

Sintered Mesh Type Flame and Spark Arrestor Fluidyne Sintered Mesh Flame Arrestors and Spark Arrestors are often used at end of vent lines and exhausts as economical alternatives to regular flame arrestors.


Deflagration Type Flame Arrester

Price: 5500.00 - 10000.00 INR

Fluidyne Detonation/deflagration Flame Arrestors are specifically designed for high flow velocity and undesirable ignitions or explosions within the housing.

Product Image (Sandwich Type Flame Arrestor)

Sandwich Type Flame Arrestor

Price: 7500 INR

Fluidyne Flame Arrestor Sandwich Type Flame Arrestors are used where such elements they can be installed in existing pipelines or vent lines between pair of existing flanges along with gaskets.

Product Image (Horizontal Detonation Flame Arrester)

Horizontal Detonation Flame Arrester

Price: 3000.00 - 8000.00 INR

The FLUIDYNE Horizontal Flame Arrestor is gas piping systems for high flow flow capacity and specifically designed to prevent liquid accumulation in the flame bank assembly.

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Flame Arrester with Breather Valve

Price: 15000.00 - 19000.00 INR

Fluidyne Flame Arrestors are often used along with Breather Valves in petrochemical and power plant applications to ensure safety of the plant and equipments. Fluidyne Flame Arrestors cum Breather valves are rugged, efficient and meet the requirements of API, ASME, IS and other codes.


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